What are the benefits of social media marketing?

There are a number of benefits to social media marketing including:

• Branding

• Engagement

• Search Engine Optimization

• Advocacy

• Lead Generation

• Targeted Advertising


Social media marketing will introduce you and your brand to a whole new audience, an audience who wants to connect with you, learn from you and use your services.

Using social media marketing will allow you to grow and develop your brand into one that people trust and view as a leading voice in your industry.

The key to success is interacting, engaging and sharing content with the right audience at the right time.


Social media is not only the perfect place for you to interact with your customers but also for your customers to interact with you.

With 55% of customer service interactions now beginning online, two-way interactions are extremely important as consumers want to be able to interact with you quickly and easily through a channel of their choice.

With 71% of consumers likely to recommend your brand to others after a good social media experience, these interactions are vital to successful engagement and brand advocacy among your customers.

Sharing, liking and retweeting play a major part in engaging with your customer but taking the time to respond to their questions and queries is the key to taking customer engagement to the next level.

This approach is more time consuming and costly however the rewards far outweigh the costs involved and we would highly recommend adopting this philosophy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your website noticed by Google can be difficult and costly, especially with best practices always changing. Fortunately social media is a great way to improve your ranking on Google and best of all

it is free!

Some of the reasons for this are:

Your followers

The number of followers you have on Facebook and Twitter reflects positively on your Google ranking. The more organic followers you have (fake followers won’t get you anywhere), the more highly regarded you’ll be in the eyes of Google.

Indexed in search

Google started indexing Twitter tweets again in 2015 so everything you share on the social network can show up in its search results. This is a great tool because it extends the life of your tweets and helps develop your brand exposure.

Inbound links

Linking to your own website via social media improves your ranking on Google because social media channels are highly trusted domains. Sharing your content on social media is not only one of the best ways of promoting it but it also drives traffic to your website which in turn helps with SEO. Win win!


Social media makes it easier for you to gain advocates for your brand. Advocates can be employees, customers or influencers, all of whom benefit your business.

This is because they are spreading the word about how great your brand is, from sharing and discussing content to becoming a part of your marketing strategy.

Start by focusing on your customers becoming advocates for your brand. Positive feedback directly from customers who have used your service in the past is significantly more effective than a testimonial sent out from your own account.

Identify any key influencers that you currently have who could help spread the word about you and your business. Then look to develop new advocates through monitoring interactions relating to your business across all channels.

Advocates will also develop naturally as if you offer your customers a fantastic service they will shout about it online and for free!

This positive feedback can then be used for other marketing material along with testimonials on your website. Result!

Lead generation

Social media marketing is a great way to not only develop your brand and promote your services but also to generate leads.

By communicating compelling and relevant content that will grab the attention of potential customers they are far more likely to conduct some further research and enquire about your services.

LinkedIn for example is a great tool for developing leads as building new connections using this social media platform has proven to increase customer enquiries and sales.

Targeted advertising

Advertising is a proven way to develop your business; however it can be difficult to target a specific audience with traditional advertising.

Regardless of the type of social media advertising you choose (and there are many) you can target a specific audience (from location to education and interests).

This is a fantastic tool as it allows you to achieve the highest ROI for your business.

The benefits of social media advertising speak for themselves.

Not only is it generally cheaper than online alternatives it can also produce higher results.

On Facebook for example, desktop ads have an 8.1 times higher click rate than normal web ads with mobile 9.1 times higher.

Right let’s do it!

Well, not so fast.

The key thing with paid advertising is to resist the temptation to jump in at the deep end.

The reason for this is that some of your content will be clicked on, shared and commented on more than others and so it is essential for us to take the time to understand what content connects most with your customers so that when we introduce paid advertising it will have a higher rate of success for you and your business.